Hell to the academism!!! I did not find neither one in the Edition 83 "Petit Larousse Illustre",
so it will be called: "COMPUTORISM" O.K.!?!
COMPUTORISM is a new style that came to me with a few short hours of computer,
"An Extraordinary Talented Creature", capable of helping us, poor driven artists, going
forward to new horizons at the speed of light.
The cubism's adept were pushed by PICASSO, BRAQUE and others and were
influenced by their cubes.The tachists, stain.The pointillists make dots
Each of these styles (or rather systems) had their days, some were represented only by a few
artists in the whole world and were not sooner there than they were gone.
It will not be the same with COMPUTORISM.
Artists of the future will have to count with it. They will fast discover all the extraordinary
possibilities of this new composing system. Enabling artists to express themselves at the speed of their their visions.

WARNING: Computorism is totally forbidden to artists without visions!
All this is for the future, but not a distant future. I am talking about an immediate future.
Cubism enclosed the cubist in his cube Tachist in his stains, and the pointillist became captious.
COMPUTORISM is in no way similar, and your creativity remains free.

The computer gives you a multiplicity of tools, always ready to work for you at the speed of
light. Your creativity will be honed to a fini point by the speed ofthe vision appearing on your
screen. Anyone with the disease of "Chronic line" (LA LIGNITE*), will never be tire of
visualizing then realizing his inner most images.
How many times, after long hours of work, artists have asked themselves
"Is this the best I can do? If I had done this this way and not that way? Next time I will try
another way." Next time very rarely happen. The computer let you make mistakes. Your
original ismemorized, stored, and next time becomes now. Change what you don't like, change it
again, turn it and toss it if you like without losing anything but your time.
Everyone knows that our time worth lot to others, but we don't give to much importance.
One explain the other...
Work through your ideas and visions, fly towards your dreams. Fear less Art

*LIGNITE: Dictionary: Brown, shiny mineral - RENOT: Lign disease - Linear obsession forcing the creative sense of the artist to draw whatever or whoever cross his field of vision