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Selected Awards and Exhibits*

  2010 17 April to 31 July, La Belle France Watercolors, Galerie Artis, New Jersey, USA
  2009 23-24 October , Musée du Louvre, Salon B35, Paris, France
  2009 October, Biltmore Hotel, Santa Clara, Californie
  2009 20 June to 31 July, Watercolor at "Galerie Cadrecor", Mende, France

 2008 November 15, 16 - Renot's Open Studio Sale, Cupertino, California
*2008 March 22 to April 31- L'art et la manière" Group Exhibit, Artis Gallery, Ridgewood, New Jersey, USA

*2008 Feb 28., March 3, International ArtExpo Spring 2008, New York, USA
*2007 September 14th - Opening reception, Museum Show at the Musée du Vieux Toulon, Toulon, France
......... Showing for 6 months. For full info, see web:

*2007 September 8 - Opening reception at La Galerie Les Arts Contemporains, La Seyne sur Mer, France
*2007 Sept.— Inauguration and Show at Renot’s Studio at Le Choisinès hamlet, France
*2007 May - Lozère, France — Renot's Studio/Museum opening.
*2006 Point de Vue - avec Georgette Owens - AF San Francisco
*2006 Triton Museum Gala - Participating Artist, May 2006
*2006 ArtExpo New York 2006 Show — Booth 2747
*2004 Show at the Bechtel International Center, Stanford University, California
*2004 "French Merit and Devotion" Laureate - Gold Medal recipient, presented by the French government.
*2003 Feb.-March International Art Expo - New York, USA
*2002 Académicien Correspondant - Art — named by l’Accademia Internazionale “Greci-Marino”, Vinzaglio, Italy
*2001 November International Art Expo - San Francisco, CA, USA
*2000 November International Art Expo - San Francisco, CA, USA
*2000 Galerie Internationale, Palo Alto, CA, USA
*1999 Lifestyles ’99 Sensual & Erotic Art Exhibit, Reno, USA
*1999 Galerie Gaston-Gérard, Dijon, France
*1999 Galerie Everarts, rue d’Argenson, Paris, France
*1999 Ongoing permanent exhibit: Variety of charities for children, San Francisco, CA
*1998 “Reflections”, Galerie Internationale, Palo Alto, CA, USA
*1998 Commonwealth Club, San Francisco, CA
*1998 World Contemporary Art Show, Los Angeles, CA, USA
*1997 La Galerie Internationale, Palo Alto, CA, USA
*1996 La Galerie Internationale, San Francisco, CA, USA
*1989 Soho Gallery, New York, USA
*1987 Artist’s Embassy International, San Francisco, CA, USA
*1985 Departure for the USA
*1985 Galerie de la Vallée, Belgentier, France
*1985 Second trip to England, watercolors
*1984 Galerie Lamasse, Cannes, France
*1982 Galerie Arc en Ciel, Vence, France
*1982 Trip to England and Scotland, watercolors
*1982 City Hall Exhibit, Bollene, France
*1981 Exposition Saint Félix du Lauragais, France
*1981 Galerie Contraste, Toulon, France
*1981 Château Camu, Pradet, France
*1980-1 Selected, Salon de Bollene, France
*1980 Galerie Georges, Avoriaz, France
*1980 Professeur pendant un an, École de Peinture, Mairie au Pradet, France (avec Marius Colombo)
*1978 Galerie Kunsthause, Singen, Germany
*1978 Exposition Saga, Ile de Porquerolles, France
*1978 One-man show - Crédit Agricole, Hyères, France
*1978 One-man show - Galerie Oliva, Toulon, France
*1978 One-man show - Visite à l’Atelier, Cuers, France
*1977 Second personal one-man show--Galerie Gaston-Gérard, Dijon, France
*1977 Exposition “Galerie Georges” Galerie de Hautforts, Avoriaz, France
*1977 Galerie Gaston-Gérard, Dijon, France
*1977 One-man show - Syndicat d’Initiative d’Yzeron, France
*1977 Co-exposition au Pradet avec Marie de Wael, Le Pradet, France
*1976 One-man show - Crédit Agricole, Hyères, France
*1976 Galerie Trol, Avoriaz, France
*1976 One-man show - Hotel Dromont, Avoriaz, France
*1975 Exposition Crédit Agricole d’Hyères, France
*1975 Exposition Galerie Gaston-Gérard, Dijon, France
*1974 1er Prix du journal “République”, du plus grand dessin humoristique du monde, Le Pradet, France
*1974 Galerie Desplat, Marseille, France
*1973 Second One-man show- Club House, Société des Régates, Toulon, France
*1972 Exposition Personnelle, Cellier de Calirvaux, Dijon, France
*1972 Sélectionné, Grand Prix International de Provence
*1971 One-man show- Musée du Vieux Toulon, France
*1970 Société des Régates Club House, Toulon, France, avec Marius Colombo
*1970 Premier Prix, Académie Européenne des Arts, Toulon, France
*1969 Premier Prix, International Grand Prix de Provence, France
*1969 Sélectionné, 51ème Grand Prix International de Provence
*1969 Sélectionné Cimaise Pernod, Marseille, France
*1969 Sélectionné Grand Prix Artistique des Iles d’Or de Vence, France
*1969 Grand Prix de Peinture des Ambiez (Ricard), France
*1969 Exhibit of Professional Independent Artists, Provence, Cuers, France
*1969 Selected for the 61st Grand Prix International de Provence, France
*Guest of Honor and Jury Member of several salons/shows in France

* One-man show


Four of his works appear in the Art books edited by R•E•G•A•R•D•S (December 2005):
Two of the works are in the edition titled “La Mer” (The Sea), two other works in “La Table” (The Table) edition.
Available at the FNAC (a French national book store chain, which includes a web site) and other book stores in France.
Featured in the full-color “Sermadiras” tome artists’ catalogs: 11th, 15th and 16th editions.
- Valeur de l’Art, European Art magazine.
- La Cote des Arts, European Art magazine.
- L’amateur d’Art, European Art magazine.
- Numerous newspaper articles.
- Featured in the ArtExpo San Francisco catalog, 2000 (with La Galerie Internationale).
- Featured in the ArtExpo New York catalog, Jacob Javits Center, 2003-2004, (with Artis France).
- Projects: FORCE 5 (2 volumes, in French and in English). This book demonstrates methods in creating art with a computer.


— Claude Farhi book of poems, Illustrations by Renot
— FORCE 5 (French) Treatise on techniques for creating art with a computer.
— FORCE 5 (English)
— Editions R•E•G•A•R•D•S, France
Some of Renot’s artwork will be featured in each of two editions:
— The Sea
— The Table
To obtain these printed volumes, contact any FNAC store or their web site, and any book store in France.
In USA.: Look up Musée Art Editions at


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