Georgette Owens today
Georgette London Owens in her Studio in Paris, 1949
Georgette London Owens started to paint by the age of 16 when she was accepted at the  Ecole des Beaux Arts, in Paris. Then she met André Lhote a cubist-painter who was teaching  in his studio in Montparnasse. Georgette decided to study with him. Andre Lhote's great friend was Pablo Picasso. Several times Picasso came to visit him during the classes.
                 Two years later, having met Sabartes, friend of Picasso, she was invited to the Quai des Grands Augustins to see Picasso at work. On the ground floor he was sculpting the pregnant  goat, now in the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

On a second visit she was admitted upstairs where Picasso painted. All the canvasses were stacked against the wall, but, on a tripod stood an old apple. Picasso saw the smile on Georgette's face and said, "An apple is  like a woman, you have to look for a long time to appreciate all the qualities"

                 In Paris, Georgette had exhibits at the Musee des Beaux arts, Musee d'Art Moderne, at the Salon des Independants and at the Grand Palais for the Biennale des Femmes in 1990, then in 1993 "The Contemporary". When Georgette had her first exhibition, 
Galerie Poirier in  Montparnasse, Picasso came to the exhibit to congratulate her.

                 After her marriage in Paris to Frank Owens, then an American officer, she came to the US where eventually they made their home in New York. Georgette London Owens exhibited in  New York in a group at the MOMA and several galleries on Madison Avenue. 

She met  Salvador Dali who became her mentor.
                She was his model for his drawing "Medusa" and in return he gave her a beautiful drawing   "St Georges" and two of his book dedicated to her.

                 In 1978, she moved to San Francisco, and in 1981 she created the Association of Women Artist to help the professionalís artists to have exhibits in galleries and public spaces.In Paris she still belongs to the Union of Women Painters and Sculptors.

 She earned her place in the 2001 Edition of the Benezit.

Dali and Georgette, Paris 1960
"CHAMBORD", by Georgette OWENS


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